D.WattsRiot at Keroxen18


That's what happens when Swindle is dropped on the crowd
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  • country:Spain
  • region:Canary Islands
  • style(s):Percussion, Global Beats
  • label:Ear Conditioning
  • type:DJ/Remixer
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:electronic
  • artist posted by:Ear Conditioning

Line up

  • Dave Watts (Turntables, FX)


Dave's dj work covers clubs, festivals, live collaborations with groups/percussionists/story tellers, film festivals, workshops, museum openings, squat parties, social manifestations, short film sound sourcing and production. His sets encompass traditional/roots music, spoken word, history, fusion, hip hop, dub, maghreb, environmental sounds, tropicalia, bass music, bass heavy electronica and more genres than there is space for. It boils down to conveying feelings and emotions, regardless of title or genre, and he does it with boundless kinetic energy rarely seen behind the mixer.

A music journalist who saw his dj set at the Womad Festival in Las Palmas described him as "The Alchemist" for his ability to encompass so much music within the allotted 60 minutes.
DJ / Vocalist of the direct action group Fun-da-mental hits the decks with an explosive energy Infectious ritual incantations, , traditional music from all about talkin’ blues among the jungle of a dancehall.

From London to Kazakhstan, Malta to Serbia, the Azores to Brussels, Cape Verde to Barcelona and many points and venues in-between – the typical nightclub, festival settings, to collaborations with storytellers, or, his record box doesn’t get stuck on one groove. The ever-surrounding political and cultural elements faced on a daily basis are woven into his sonic footprint.

Now based in the Canary Islands, the eventual result of a legendary performance by Fun-Da-Mental at Womad Las Palmas, in his new locale, he established himself as a Resident at Txola, a longstanding club in Tenerife, and delivering sets at most festivals of note in the area.

Sharing music from behind the decks paved the way for the logical step - being part of the programming teams for various festivals and events. Most notably, the unique Keroxen, which takes place in a refurbished oil refinery tank in Tenerife, and Clandestino Festival in Gotenborg, Sweden

Venues so far have included:
Austria: Vienna: Cafe Leopold, Graz, Salzberg
Azores: Tremor Festival

Belgium: Global Street Sounds, Brussels, Sfinks Festival Antwerp, Gent Dronology, Brugge Cactus.

Bosnia i Herzogovina: Sarajevo Film Festival.

Czech Rep: Prague:Meet Factory, CrossBar.

Cabo Verde: Praia, AME.

Denmark: Copenhagen KB18.

France: Paris: Badaboum, The Batofar, Lille: European Day of Music.

Germany: Berlin Gretchen,Leipzig Ut Connewitz, Hamburg Uebel & Gefaehrlich, Dresden Scheune, Frankfurt Das Bett, Stuttgart Speakeasy, Nuernberg Musikverein K4,
Munich Feierwerk .

Holland: Rotterdam, Amsterdam Paradiso.

Ireland: Dublin Button Factory, Cork Cyprus Avenue.

Italy: Rome Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival, Fiesta Reggio Emilia;
Genoa Tsunami Bar, Reggio Emilia Maffia Club, Florence Festival.

Kazakstan: Almaty, British Council presents Sounds of the Orient.

Lebanon: Beruit Strange Fruit.

Luxemborg: Exit 07.

Morocco: Agadir Timitar Festival.

Norway: StavangerFestival of Literature & Free Speech.

Russia: Manu Chao/Fun’da’mental tour.

Bratislava, Slovakia: Wilsonic.

South Africa: Johannesburg, Womad South Africa.

Sweden: Clandestino Festival, Urkult, Gotenburg International Film Festival
Amnesty International Night, Museum of World Cultures, Stockholm Re/Orient.

Spain/Canary Islands: Womad Las Palmas,Keroxen, Shack, NUMA Circuit, Rototom, 33.45 Barcelona, Proximós LP, Viña Rock, La Merce, Festival de Cuentos, Sustraiez Blai, Eolica, AguaViva, Mojo Club, OCA, Las Palmas Cuidad de las Musicas, Boreal.

Turkey: Babylon, Istanbul.

UK: Shambala Festival, Village Underground, Glastonbury, Fabric, Effra Social, ICA,Usurp Gallery, Norwich Brainfood ,Save Yourself Westway Studios, Peace-not-War, Synergy, Cargo, Portobello Film Festival, European Social Forum Party, Subterrania, 333 Club, Digital Activism, Disgraceland, Hip Hop for Palestine.

USA: NYC Mutiny Club, Organic Grooves CBGB’s, Westbeth Theatre.