Rough Americana

Rough Americana
Morgan Craft


Uncompromisng truth
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  • country:Italy
  • region:Roma
  • style(s):African-American, Dancefloor Activism
  • label:Rough Americana / ini.itu / Circle of Light / Sa'aidi Hardcore/KMT BABOMB U
  • type:Solo, DJ/Remixer, Duo
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:electronic, guitar
  • artist posted by:Ear Conditioning

Line up

  • Morgan Craft (Guitar)
  • Mutamassik (Turntables)


R.A. " is dedicated to a new, urgent, improvisational & functional music existing wholly in the 21st ct while embracing all that has come before (umpth to 1st generational). Craft's 'AfroAmerican'-Viking and Mutamassik's Italicized-Egyptian roots draw bridges between MEMPHIS, USA and MEMPHIS, AFRICA........picking up frequencies from Unseen Forces. Raw, visceral, blazing new trails in sound....stay open to receive messages. This is the new hard-core grit-prov that brings fire to electronic music. nicca metal." MUSIC TO INCITE/INSIGHT