Laya Project Screening

Laya Project at WOMEX 08

Laya Project
  • event type:Conference
  • date:30 Oct 2008
  • time:15.00 hrs
  • city/area:Seville
  • venue:Fibes / WOMEX
  • country:Spain
  • style(s):Global Fusion, Traditional
  • event posted by:Earthsync Ltd.


Laya Project Film Screening at WOMEX 08
30. October at 15.00 hrs, Fibes, Seville, Spain

An award-winning 68-minute audio-visual journey documenting music of six Asian countries affected by the 2004 Asian tsunami.

Laya Project’s musicians are the people of coastal and surrounding communities in the 2004 tsunami-affected regions of Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar and India.

The production is based on regional folk music traditions, recorded and brought back to the studio to create a composition that mixes and enhances the original recordings, and embarks on a visual and musical journey crossing borders, while preserving the music of the people.

Some of these performances are rare, and are documented for the first time in this production.

Laya Project has won the Founder's Choice Award for Best Film @ New York Intl. Independent F.F. 2007, the Best Film Award @ Byron Bay F.F. 2008, the Audience Award @ Imaginaria F.F. 2008 in Italy, and the Special Juror's Choice Award at the Zanzibar Intl. F.F. 2008 in Tanzania.

The film is also being broadcast worldwide on National Geographic Channel and being screened at WOMEX on 30th Oct at 15.00hrs, Bahia Room, Fibes


"The Laya Project is magical and inspiring" (RAVE Magazine 2007)

"A winning combination of the exotic and the familiar, strikingly beautiful" (fRoots 2007)

"Laya Project has an irresistible charm. EarthSync's work is of great significance. This kind of music is cosmic, it is traditional yet contemporary, an exhilarating affair" (The Hindu 2008)

"Mesmerizing, truly a collector's item" (Times of India 2008)

"This is the sort of knowledge we should have of places, peoples and music" (WorldMusicCentral 2008)

"Breathtaking" (The Statesman 2008)

"A stunning collaboration and an important social and historical document" (KosmicaMusic 2008)

"Uniquely true to the spirit of the homegrown voices of the six affected nations, brilliantly captured and spellbinding" (New Indian Express 2008)

"A touching documentary, Laya Project leaves a mark on the global map" (Yuva 2008)

"Captures the resilience of the human spirit. As we travel from country to country, the world seems a little better, more decent and a little more human" (The Dominion Post NZ 2007)

"A spectacular cultural extravaganza" (The Economic Times 2007)