Rachel Delicata with Shirley Novak


A beautiful lush song with double bass, lapsteel, acoustic guitar and wonderful full backing vocals.. Produced and arranged by Shirley Novak
  • 1 Waltzing Away
  • 2 Love You Tonight
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Line up

  • Rachel Delicata (Vocals/Guitar)
  • Shirley Novak (Double Bass/Guitar/Producer/Arranger)


At 20 Rachel joined a band performing covers influenced buy the modern Nashville music style, which to this day still emulates throughout her music. She played rhythm/acoustic guitar as part of the band, but wanted to play her own music and so the journey began..

Rachel fast gained a reputation as one of the finest singer songwriters in Wales, playing at a local open mike nights, and small intimate venues playing her own compositions. She continued to write in her own unique style and worked with some of the finest musicians in Wales including 'Ian Lawrence and Mal Presit' Playing rhythm guitar and backing vocals, recording an album 'Mortal Contact' in 2007

Rachel now lives in the East Midlands and a chance meeting with producer Shirley Novak, meant that she could explore her sound further, taking her time to create her distinct style and the result is a 5 track EP. Shirley Novak knew instinctively what Rachel's songs should sound like, drawing on her influences and abilities in her song writing and didn't produce for production sake, but instead let the songs speak for themselves. You are taken on a short journey through country, folk, ballads with acoustic guitar, double bass and brush kits which is a truly beautiful combination