Osaka Monaurail

Osaka Monaurail
  • country:Japan
  • region:South East Asia
  • style(s):Funk
  • label:Unique Records
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist posted by:Eiden Music Agency

Line up

  • Osaka Monaurail (Drums, bass, guitar, keys, hornsection)


After two decades, the wheels are very much still turning on the Funk orchestra that Japan has to offer. Merged from a university combo to one of the worlds leading group in the genre. The nine musicians on stage in sharp uniforms inspired by 60s fashion; trumpets are spinning up in the air; leader Nakata dancing -Mashed Potato-; from jumping Bebop instrumentals to James Brown funky dancers. Osaka Monaurail just celebrated its 20th anniversary by touring many cities in Japan, Europe, Canada and Australia appearing top venues, nightclubs and festivals including Montreal International Jazz Festival (July 2012) and many others.

Territorries: worldwide (excl. asia & pacific)