• country:Türkiye
  • style(s):Instrumental
  • label:Elec-Trip Records
  • artist posted by:Elec-Trip Records

Mehmet Firil (Tatufly) began his music career in
1993, playing bass guitar. He played in cover bands
until 1998 when he joined the band Nekropsi. In
2000, he played with Betty Ween and after a year he
began his solo projects in his home studio. In 2002
he started working as a producer for a compilation
album called www.homesapiens.org, where one of
the tracks is his song "Nowhere". Next, Tatufly
started recording his solo project, "Somewhere
Around Nowhere". In this project, all tracks are
instrumental and described as "Psychedelic-Avant
Garde" by Tatufly himself. During concerts, Tatufly
appears on stage along with guest musicians and
all songs are accompanied by short films telling the
story of each track.