Ivo Papasov (Bulgaria)

Ivo Papasov (Bulgaria)
  • country:Bulgaria
  • label:not signed
  • artist posted by:Elen Music

Line up

  • Ateshghan Yuseinov (electric guitar)
  • Ivo Papasov (clarinet)
  • Maria Karafizieva (vocals)
  • Mitko Denev (keyboards)
  • Nenko Tsachev (kaval)
  • Nesho Neshev (accordion)
  • Salif Ali (drums)


Ivo Papasov has arguably done more than anyone else to take Balkan Wedding Music onto the world stage and elevate it to high art. Born in 1952 in a time when communist Bulgaria actively repressed Romani culture, he found his own route to musical expression, developing his skills at what was one of the few ways to play professionally: at weddings and communal celebrations. He formed his Trakija Band in 1974 and quickly developed a local reputation with his explosive mix of Bulgarian and Balkan folk. It took until 1988 to make his first recordings, leading the way to international breakthrough in 1991 with his Balkanology album on Hannibal Records, flooring fellow musicians and audiences alike with his trade-mark complex rhythms, breakneck speeds and dense ornamentations that still place him at the pinnacle of his art.

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Ivo Papasov (Bulgaria)