Pedro Alterio & Bruno Piazza

Pedro Alterio & Bruno Piazza


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  • country:Brazil
  • region:Southern Brazil
  • style(s):Brazilian, Instrumental
  • label:not signed
  • type:Duo
  • gender:male
  • artist posted by:Euforia Producoes

Line up

  • Bruno Piazza (piano)
  • Pedro Alterio (Acoustic Guitar, Voice)


“It is a music CD to listen to, with songs”, defines the pair of musicians Pedro Altério & Bruno Pizza who released the first career CD that has their names, on October 4, 2012 at the SESC Vila Mariana.
Pedro and Bruno met at the project Quinta Dissonante – musical encounters, open to the public, in format of jam sessions, organized monthly by friends in common. Thinking about the idea of the show that they would do together, they naturally established a bridge between both their works: the erudite music and the popular music. The seed for what would become the pair’s CD which was concluded after a year’s work.
The chosen repertoire reflects what both like to listen to and to play and brings in songs from new composers, like Breno Ruiz, Bani Black, Paulo Novaes and Pedro Viáfora.
Apart from the known songs from the shows, the CD also has partnership with Kleber Albuquerque, Celso Viáfora, Rita Altério and the special participation of Mônica Salmaso and Luiza Possi, as well as the string arrangement of Neymar Dias.
In the show, Peter Altério (voice and guitar), Bruno Piazza (piano) perform alongside Neymar Dias Quarteto (bass, acoustic bass and strings) and Gabriel Altério (drums). Of the 13 songs chosen for the debut CD, none has solos and the presence of Brazilian rhythms, three of them being instrumental.
One of the examples of erudite movements incorporated to popular songs that summarizes the work is in the song Vai-e-Vem, with lyrics by Rita Altério, inspired by the deactivation of a railway line that connected two historic towns of Minas Gerais, and that brings the known Trenzinho caipira, Villa Lobos. “The two songs fit together in a way that many people who hear it, even knowing “Trenzinho caipira”, sometimes do not recognize it, for it is so cast in the music,” adds Pedro. Praised by critics, the album also features beautiful surprises.