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Pedro de Castro - Portuguese Guitar


The Portuguese Guitar by Pedro de Castro. Viola de Fado by André Ramos and Bass-Guitar by Francisco Gaspar.
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Pedro de Castro is one of the most virtuous guitarists of his time.

In his own name, Pedro de Castro presents a concert that honors the sound so typical of the Portuguese Guitar.

Inspired, versatile, unique and with strong traditional roots, Pedro de Castro has as much of relaxation as of dedication to every note he gives. Expressive and with a very own interpretative style, he leaves his mark on those who hear his music not only for the musical quality but for the genuineness of his interpretation.

Pedro de Castro has already brought the unique sound of the Portuguese guitar to many hundreds of stages all over the world. Katia Guerreiro, Ricardo Ribeiro, Camané, Carminho, Rão Kyao, João Braga, Vicente da Câmara and Celeste Rodrigues are some of the Fado singers with whom he recorded during his professional career.

Along with great names in Music, he played with Plácido Domingo, Martinho da Vila, Ivan Lis, Alcione and Fáfa de Belém.

article posted by:Joana Esparteiro, Fados Fora de Portas