Jordi Fosas to be New Artistic Director of Fira Mediterrània Manresa

Jordi Fosas, until now, held the position of president of Cercle de Cultura Tradicional i Popular Marboleny and director of Festival Ésdansa de Les Preses

He takes over from David Ibáñez and will start within the next few days, once procedural formalities have been completed

The evaluation committee of the selection process set in motion by the Fundació Mediterrània, Fira d’Espectacles d’Arrel Tradicional (Mediterranean Foundation, Traditional Performing Arts Fair) has selected Jordi Fosas, resident of Olot, for the position of artistic director. Jordi Fosas has a long track record in traditional and folk culture, through his involvement with the Cercle de Cultura Tradicional i Popular (Marboleny Traditional and Folk Culture Circle) and Festival Ésdansa de Les Preses (Ésdansa de Les Preses Festival). Fosas was selected from seven candidates, and he will direct the artistic line-up for Fira’s programme over the next three years. Not only was Fosas selected for his connections with traditional and folk culture but also for the artistic project he presented and his relevant experience.

Connected to traditional culture

Born in Olot in 1976, Fosas held the position of president of Cercle de Cultura Tradicional i Popular Marboleny from 1996; the organisation specialises in research, education, creation and promotion of traditional folk dance. From 2001 until the present, he was the director of Ésdansa de Les Preses Festival, for which he was also general manager in 2006 and 2007. From 2010, he was vice president of Festivals du Sud, Xarxa de Festivals del Sud d’Europa de Danses Populars (Network of Traditional Dance Festivals in Southern Europe). Also connected to traditional folk culture, he previously held the position of secretary of the Agrupació d’Esbarts (Traditional Dance Group Association) in the province of Girona for ten years. Fosas also has professional experience in producing large events, as co-founder and managing director of La Caraba Produccions - Serveis a la Cultura SL, a company specialising in the organisation of large events and core specialist services for these events.

Role of artistic direction

The new artistic director is responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring the artistic project of Fira Mediterrània, to ensure it is a high-quality event of an interdisciplinary nature, and is also responsible for shaping Fira’s professional lines of development. Fosas will operate as artistic director for Fira Mediterrània in 2019, 2020 and 2021, and will have the option of continuing in the position for a further two years. The director’s mandate is to maintain and enhance Fira Mediterrània as a benchmark of artistic distinction.

As new artistic director, Fosas will select arts projects for productions and co-productions that emphasise heritage. First of all, these projects will communicate traditional culture, fuse contemporary creation with traditional folk culture, enhance participation and expand the social foundations of culture. Secondly, they will promote world and folk music, both from a traditional and a contemporary perspective. Lastly, these projects will also be based on the performing arts, particularly those connected with the Mediterranean. Fosas will also promote bilateral co-productions with festivals, trade fairs, showcases and/or other exhibition spaces through collaboration agreements that raise the visibility of Fira Mediterrània.

At the same time, when designing Fira’s line-up, Fosas will take into account the already established agreements for Fira Mediterrània’s secondary line-ups (“Offs”), various awards and contests connected with Fira and other agreements that may be promoted by the Foundation’s board. Finally, as artistic director, Fosas will act as a representative of Fira Mediterrània and suggest initiatives to attract new audiences.

Process started at the end of November

The process to select the new artistic director began at the end of November, when the selection process rules were published. Candidate proposals were accepted until 18 December, after which time the selection process was set in motion.

The evaluation commission for the candidates consisted of: Antoni Herrera, Assistant Director of Promotion and Protection of Traditional Culture of the Catalan Government’s Ministry of Culture, as president; Cristina Sanchis, Head of the Promotion and Revitalisation Service of the Traditional Culture and Cultural Associations (DGCAPC) Directorate General; Olga Brea, Senior Specialist at the DGCAPC; Jordi Basomba, Manager of Manresana d’Equipaments Escènics; Josep Simon, Head of the Support Service to City Hall and the Presidency; and Lídia Hinojo, Manager of Fundació Mediterrània, as spokespersons.

article posted by:Anna Vilanova, Fira Mediterrània Manresa