Send in your artistic proposal for taking part in 17th Fira Mediterrània

Send in your artistic proposal for taking part in
the 17th Fira Mediterrània of Manresa (Catalonia)


Remember that Fira is an interdisciplinary event and the programme covers all artistic languages – visual arts, circus, dance, exhibitions, music, oral narrative and theatre. Arts projects can be submitted under two main themes:

Popular Culture: understood as broadening the social foundations of culture, taking it to new groups and new audiences. Culture that encourages participation, promotes social integration and links intangible heritage with social relations.
Suitable projects: Community and social inclusion projects // New artistic formats, multidisciplinary and innovative shows // Traditional culture productions // Interactive and/or participative shows // Family shows // Educational and awareness-raising projects (for children and/or adults) // Itinerant shows // Circus and street theater // Games and videogames // Street art // Others.

World Music: with special emphasis on the Mediterranean region.

We’re looking forward to seeing your proposal. To submit your project, just click on this link:

You’ve got until Monday 24 March!

article posted by:David Ibañez, Fira Mediterrània Manresa