Anne Lennox-Martin

  • country:United Kingdom
  • style(s):Blues, Folk
  • label:folkWISE
  • artist posted by:folkWISE


Anne's CD Born to the Breed " is a new beginning for a well-known and popular performer from the revival period of the 70s and 80s. But there is nothing dated about the wide selection of material, from a Child Ballad to a rocking blues number. Anne's powerful voice and story-telling abilities give her a cappella treatment of traditional music a deep and magical interpretation. She is equally at home with a bluesy or rock number.

Her band are all well known performers in their own right. Bill Caddick, legendary singer-song writer plays 12 string and slide guitar. Vince Neads is a rock and blues musician who plays guitar, slide guitar and mandolin. Flos Headford, best known for his work with the Old Swan band, plays fiddle. And Chris (Yorkie) Bartram, of Joe le Taxi, adds percussion and harmonica. All add harmony vocals and the occasional solo. Quite apart from the quality of the music, it is the interaction between them and their obvious enjoyment of each other which gives their live gigs something special.

Anne herself is a larger than life character who pours energy and passion into every song! The usual gig is an eclectic choice of music but the band will tailor any evening or appearance to accommodate an event organiser 's preference. Anne is available solo or with the band