Lajkó Félix and VOLOSI Fonogram Awards 2020

Lajkó Félix - VOLOSI


Lajkó Félix and VOLOSI
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Dear friends,

One of the good things about a crossborder album is that you can win awards in both countries. Poland on Wednesday, Hungary on saturday. (April 2020)

Lajkó Félix & VOLOSI

The all-time most successful contemporary string music album has now received BOTH the Polish AND the Hungarian Fonogram awards!

A string phenomenon from Voivodina (Serbia) and five Polish string virtuosos. Lajkó Félix & VOLOSI’s joint recording is not an everyday concept – in May of 2019 it burst onto the market as something truly unique. Presenting new points of view and a new quality in string music, it has won all possible recognition in Hungary and abroad. Last Wednesday it received the Polish Fonogram award – then on Saturday the Hungarian Fonogram award – so it’s a double Fonogram winner!

This record has reaped international awards on all the main forums. Songlines named it a “Top of the World” record, then it was amongst the “Best of 2019”. In the past few days it was also named amongst Songlines’ 50 best recordings of the last five years – and the only Hungarian recording on that list.

It was on World Music Charts Europe lists for months and amongst the best albums of 2019 on the Balkan World Music Charts list.

"You might ask, why take five superb string players, then add one more. Because the result is simply thrilling and keeps you on the edge of your seat. There are beautiful moments of tranquility and lyricism... It is super exciting. I had a sense of the awe audiences might have felt seeing Paganini in the 19th century. Yes, it was that exciting!" (Simon Broughton, Songlines)

A concert recording here:

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article posted by:Silvia Winkler, Fonó Music Hall