Go Lem System

Go Lem System
Go Lem System


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Line up

  • Aleko (Vocals)
  • Anxo  (Sax Vocals)
  • Jim (Sound Engineer)
  • Joni (Bass)
  • Nano (Trumpet Vocals)
  • Nico (Programming)
  • Sergio (Guitars Vocals)


Though no longer in existance we'de leaving this up both as a small resource for a memorey of a great band but also because Aleko lead singer of the band now relaunches big time with Planeta Lem in 2010 with superb womad appearance in the UK

Go Lem System from Barcelona and steeped with a Spanish latino reggae vibe this band is quite simply the "place to be" for a seriously good time. Their debut album produced by the great Manu Chao (and guesting on guitar) what better introduction It's a trip reggae sound similar in nature to Manu Chao, with serious Brass grooves, great Bass riffs, Skankin Guitar and meliflouous vocals. Just done extensive UK tour at major UK festivals including at Beautiful Days, Larmer Tree, Henley, Wychwood and Knockengorrach

Ian Smith of Frusion international management of Go Lem System