Miquel Gil
  • country:Spain
  • style(s):Mediterranean, Songwriter
  • label:galileo
  • artist posted by:Galileo MC


Alike the oranges he cultivates according to ecological principles Miquel Gil's voice grows directly from the Valencian earth. With his album 'Orgànic' (sonifolk, 2002) Miquel had opened a new chapter in his career as a musician and earned several awards, i.e. the "Best album of the Year in Catalonia" (enderrock awards). On his last album 'Katà' he dug even deeper in what had brought him the great critics of Orgànic: "... the time to think and to observe and investigate his Mediterranean surrounding, to re-discover almost forgotten sounds, songs and identities. It's an oeuvre for any kind of audience, captivating, as it shows us the musical treasures that surround us and only wait to be discovered." (Jordi Turtós)

Miquel Gil discovers the geological layers of Levante, Andalucía, Mallorca and Catalunya, travelling over these countries and the Spanish Mediterranean seaside. On his trips to Northern Africa, Greece and Turkey he demonstrates the close relationship and neighbourhood between Spain and these cultures:
styles like granainas and fandangos, gnawa, jotas, rembetika, picados mallorquines, boleros, dances from the mountainside, odd rhythms from Turkey are put together in a small room and a big album comes out of it. Miquel does not care about political conventions and makes all these cultures live together in a natural familiarity. It's astonishing how he takes advantage of his broad musical experience and naturality and manages to submerge us into landscapes, feelings, flavours and sensations through his music.