• country:Serbia
  • region:Balkan
  • style(s):Traditional, Ethno
  • label:not signed
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Generator

Line up

  • Aleksandra Stosic  (flute, kaval)
  • Dimic Dejan  (saz)
  • Dimitrijevic Diana  (drum)
  • Ivana Tasic  (vocals)
  • Katarina Kovacevic  (saz, vocals)
  • Mitic Boban  (big drum)
  • Stosic Milica  (violin, vocals)


Izvor (Source) is a band engaged in cultivation, preservation and performance of traditional Balkan music, with emphasis in southern Serbia and Kosovo. Members of the group, who had previous individual work, or within other groups, were dedicated to same kind of music. However, they play together since January 2004. In addition to playing, group members also work on the search and collection of field recordings of music in the original urban areas or remote and inaccessible mountain areas. Thanks to the original use of traditional instruments from the Balkans (tapan, tarabuka, saz, tambura, violin), and original way of singing, they tend to their own interpretation of traditional music. Izvor has performed in concerts in several cities in Serbia, and also in Greece and Spain. During 2005 they recorded their first CD album “Ogrejala mesecina”. CD compilation “New World Volume 1” was released by Belgium publisher Ciepła in 2007, where there were various songs from various artists of world music genres: world music, reggae, ethno-jazz, traditional music, etc including “Ogrejala mesecina”.