Asian[Korean] Music Ensemble 'Geomungo-Factory'

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B01, 255-10, Yangjae 2-dong, Seocho-gu
137-894 Seoul
South Korea

[Aisan(Korean) Music Ensemble] Performance Groups, Traditional,modern,contemporary. Geomungo is 'Best of the Best' of Asian Zither.

Geomungo-Factory is Aisan(Korean) Music Ensemble.
4 Performer / 2 Staffs(Director, Sound Director)
50 Mins /
W8 X D2 X H3 (Can do Flexiblity)

Geomungo is 'Best of the Best' of Asian Zither.
Geomungo music dating from the sixteenth century onwards survive and provide early sources of tablature notation.
It has six silk strings of different thicknesses. The player uses a plectrum with his right hand, shile pressing the thickest string with the middle finger, and the thinnest string with the ring finger of his left hand.
Since the sound it produces is deep and heavy.
Especially'Traditional Vibration' make very miracle sounds.

We able to Traditional,Contemporary.

And, We're Endeavor results in new sounds and sentiments that are not limited to traditional music, but influence all culture arena.

Another tasking of Us. Make to Instruments.
'Electronical Geomungo', 'Short Geomungo', 'xylophone Geomungo' of make of G.F.

We are much of that Cultures and a Sounds.
Hope to Collaborations.

See in the Youtube!



Geomungo-Factory (Playing image)Geomungo-Factory (Playing image)Geomungo-Factory (Playing image)Geomungo-Factory (Playing image_Cello-Geomungo)Geomungo-Factory (Playing image)Geomungo-Factory (Playing image)Geomungo-Factory (Playing image)Geomungo-Factory (Playing image)

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