Mana Lion

Three brothers (most likely from different mothers) maybe we met in Manly in 2012 on Sydney's Northern Beaches, maybe we met on Mars, maybe we met by a bin fire floating wayward on a raft between the North and South Islands of Aotearoa as the full moon kept us moving... Either way we three brothers met, and we met to make music to make you sway and dance and swing and sweat. Music to make love to the mind, soul and ears of your sister, your wife, your mistress, your Nanna, to your sweet baby mama. We met to sing of love and trouble, of leisure and life.

Between all three members comes a combination of musical influences from Soul to Roots, Funk to DnB, Gangsta Rap to Hardcore Punk and everything in between. We love, we live and learn by the pleasurable sounds of Motown, Reggae, Bob Marley, Billy Idol, Kora, The Police, AC/DC, Fat Freddy's Drop, Necro, Lisa Gerrard, Soundgarden, low frequencies, high frequencies, hotel farts, Slam's sore neck, the future, those 5,000 people screaming (maybe that was a dream?), bacon crackling, the dude from above, and how many kitchen push-ups have you done to Black Hole Sun today?

Duan & Only is the key vocalist and song designer of ManaLion, his unique style of an over-confident Maori superstar combined with his care free, say anything, do anything stage presence provides an open gate between audience and artist….”the Key Master”

Slam provides the bass frequencies, round and square wave alongside hand percussion modulation, back up vox and foot skank (sounds like athlete’s foot, but it’s not). All of which have dubbed him….”the Gate Keeper”

Mondo is on the kit and triggers, laying down polyrhythms and ghost notes. Crossing streams of multi genres to ground each colour and bust ear-cherry’s with lush multilayered soundscapes. Earning the title… ”Ghost Buster”.

From the beginning ManaLion have played a number of homegrown, hometown gigs around Sydney at full capacity, building up steam like Peter Gabriel on herbal tea and winning over the hearts of millions (lies) some girlfriends (lies) mothers. Having played Natural Music Festival in Perth to over 5,000 people, we’ve shared the stage with the likes of Shapeshifter, Kora, Trinity Roots, Ladi6, David Dallas, P-Money, The Poh-Poh, The Wiggles, Nirvana, James Brown, Ian Brown, Charlie Brown, Chris Brown, Bobby Brown (but that was our prerogative).

We want to be New Zealand’s most recognised band, touring everything from the biggest baddest festivals to intimate clubs with special memberships and burlesque dancers (we may have our own troupe stashed away in storage, ready to go). Travel the wide wild world, playing to all the many peoples and different creeds, even the English if need be. Slam just wants to watch TV and hang out with elevated folk so he can feel better about himself.