Mswazzi Masauti

Mswazzi Masauti

Introducing Mswazzi Masauti - From Humble beginnings

Mswazzi Masauti also known as Ali Said is a 21 year old singer song writer on SwaRnB records East Africa.

His 1st single Mahabuba (My love) which was released in Nov of 2015 took the East African Music scene by storm and has quickly risen to a number of the Local Charts in East Africa but has also made its way to West Africa and parts of Saudi Arabia.

Mswazzi Masauti has been writing music since the age of 13 while living in the ghettos of mombasa (a costal city in Kenya). He unfortunately dropped out of school due to financial constraints and had been working odd jobs as a brick layer and dish washer earning 40 cents (Euro) a day to feed himself and his brothers and sisters.

He started to take a liking for music while escorting his friends to record music in their local studio. After a few recordings in Mombasa he ventured out to the capital City of Kenya (Nairobi) were he did a few recordings before meeting up with Tedd Josiah a music producer known for introducing new artists into the Kenyan market since 1996.

Mswazzi Masauti is busy completing his debut album with Tedd josiah and SwaRnB records which will be released later on this year. In a few weeks time he will be releasing 2 new tracks from the album titled Ruby and Nikiwa Na We (When am with You)
His smooth fusion of poetic swahili and r&b old school and new school plus traditional swahili rhythms with a modern twist are created with the mindset of creating a new African culture and musical sound called SwaRnB.

We at SwaRnB records believe that Mswazzi Masauti is the new sound the East Africa and the globe has been waiting for.