Los Vega
Vientos del Mar album
Claudio Vega
Fredy Vega
Raquel Palacios Vega
Enrique Palacios Vega
Saul Bernal


New album single
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Recordando los 20 años de trayectoria
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  • country:Mexico
  • style(s):Son jarocho
  • label:Audioflot
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, a cappella, unplugged
  • artist posted by:Grace Music

Line up

  • Claudio Vega (requinto)
  • Enrique Palacios Vega (Leona and voice)
  • Fredy Vega (Jarana tercera, zapateado, voice)
  • Raquel Palacios Vega (Jarana segunda, zapateado, voice)
  • Saúl Bernal (Jarana primera, zapateado, voice)


Los Vega is a group of traditional musicians dedicated for almost 25 years to the performance and promotion of traditional son jarocho. Their music offers an accomplished balance combining cultural roots, family heritage, performance quality, and stage experience. They have participated in several cultural and artistic festivals inside and outside Mexico, including China, The United States, and Canada.

From the onset, Los Vega have also intervened in a diversity of cultural outlets. In 2001 they recorded “La Bruja” to be included in the official soundtrack of the Mexican movie Frida, which was nominated to the 2001 Oscars Academy Awards. In 2015 they participated as special guests in the show De sirenas y peteneras e infortunados marinos, which was nominated to the Lunas del Auditorio awards, an important national recognition for live performances in Mexico. In 2018 they gathered more than twenty recognized son jarocho artists to celebrate their 20 anniversary in a legendary concert in Mexico City’s Teatro de la Ciudad, which also received a nomination for that year’s Lunas del Auditorio awards. Also in 2019, they were invited to perform in a benefit concert produced by the Tibet House US under the direction of the renowned composer Philip Glass, making them the first son jarocho artists to perform in the historic Carnegie Hall theater in the city of New York.

Los Vega have recorded and released five studio albums, the last two of them (“En tonos muy diferentes” and “Vientos del mar”) produced by Leo Heiblum under the label Audioflot, and available in digital plataforms.