• country:South Africa
  • style(s):Pop
  • label:Freeground Records
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, pop group
  • artist posted by:GRIOT GmbH

Line up

  • Chris Bakalanga (Guitar)
  • Julio Sigauque (Acoustic Guitar)
  • Neil Hawks (Bass Guitar, Vocals)
  • Peter Cohen (Drums)
  • Simon Attwell (Flute, Mbira, Harmonica, saxophone, keyboard)
  • Zolani Mahola (Lead vocals)


Everywhere they go, Freshlyground are a sensation. In South Africa, audiences of every race cram in to see them and sing and dance along together. The very presence of this band in South Africa is a promise of a harmonious future. Every radio station in the country is playing their music. Through it all, the guys have maintained their sense of individual identity. Through it all they've kept their focus and their desire to play what reflects their uniqueness, themselves.

Freshlyground was formed in early 2002 in Cape Town. Fronted by the exceptional singer and dynamic performer Zolani Mahola, the band exudes a live performance energy that has been the bedrock of their success.
Hailing from diverse backgrounds, between them the band's members weave a musical magic that is highly infectious and undeniably groovy.

Freshylground became South Africa's most popular band with the release of 'Doo Be Doo' - the most played song in the year of 2005. The album sold 300.000 units in South Africa alone - earning it multi-platinum status.

Too many great things happened afterwards to mention them all - like when Freshlyground won the MTV Europe Award in the category 'Best African Act' in 2006 or when they were selected to co-perform in the Official Song for the 2010 World Cup entitled 'Waka Waka - This Time For Africa' - the most successful anthem in the history of the FIFA World Cup - alongside Colombian superstar, Shakira.

Now Freshlyground are back with a bang with their brand new album "CAN'T STOP" in Europe 2019.