French newspaper Libération about Artús and "folk wave"


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Since 2000 and more than 400 concerts, after 20 years of exploring their memories, trying
to remember things they never known, Artús members have been creating their unique
sound, emancipating from tradition dogma. Artús has questioned his work from "ultralocal"
[music, songs, dances and instruments from Pyrenees mountains and Landes forest] to
achieve an universal vision of the world. Radical, raw and indomitable, they draw their
energy from noise and progressive rock, experimental & industrial music with Gascony
culture, poets, legends & instrumentarium.

Rooted to the future, they opened for Gong, Gojira or The Ex, and owns their DIY production
company "Hart Brut", recording studio "La Ferronnerie" and record label "Pagans" in the
Bearn region, south-west France.
They released their last album CERC in march 2020, are working on CREC, the 2nd
movement in 2021, and will play at Hellfest Open Air Festival in Clisson on june 2022.

• Roman Colautti / bass, baryton guitar
• Roman Baudoin / hurdy-gurdy
• Matèu Baudoin / voice, violon, string tambourine
• Tomàs Baudoin / voice, string tambourine, keys
• Nicolas Godin / guitar, percussions
• Alexis Toussaint / drums
• Benjamin Rouyer / live sound

article posted by:Julien Dufourg, Hart Brut