"Mousso Lou" - Mamy Kanouté

Mamy Kanouté


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Bao Sissoko and Wouter Vandenabeele worked together in 2009 on the Fula violin player Issa Sow's “Doumale” project
(released by homerecords.be). As the sound of the violin and the kora fuse so well, Bao and Wouter decided to perform a series
of concerts as a duo.
In 2013, Bao and Wouter began a CD project with the fantastic Griot singer Mamy Kanouté (Dakar, Senegal), one of the
principal background singers of Baaba Maal. The CD was recorded in Dakar with members of the Sissoko and Kanouté
families, all splendid musicians who enriched the album with balaphone, kora, guitar, voice… The recording of the strings, the
mixing and the finalisation of the album took place in Liège, Belgium. The result is an excellent selection of traditional songs
and compositions of Mamy Kanouté and Baye Diop.
Here, the classical griot music is mixed with some audacious string arrangements.