"Gift" - Sigrid Vandenbogaerde

Sigrid Vandenbogaerde

« Gift » is born of the desire to express my gratitude for having been given the gift of loving music
and sound.
Music gives us among other things a tremendous oppourtunity to withstand the sorrows of childhood.
« Gift » takes you on a journey to the heart of sound which empathizes with emotion revealing it, transforming
it, calming it and allowing it to be.
These are stories where the works (sometimes mere extratcs) fit together and follow on trom each other to
suggest this idea.
Programm: Manuel Hermia, Françoise Derissen, Françoise Derissen, Jean-Pierre Waelbroeck, Line Adam, J-S
Bach, Sofia Gubaïdulina, Gaspar Cassadó, J-S Bach, Nathan Renard, Renaud Lhoest