"Extremely Sad Sexy Songs" - Venusberg



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A multi-coloured album that will shower you with a confetti of sound. BOOM!

JOY, vast amounts of joy, comprised of eight titles filled with an infectious and refreshing energy. Indulgence, pleasure and imagination in the form of Geneviève Voisin, a charismatic singer who reaches out to her spectators using her theatrical background. Soft but volcanic, she galvanizes you with her voice and hypnotic stage presence, supported by the wild energy of the group.

LIBERTY, in language, text and theme, both erotic and sensual, composed of strange characters who alternately celebrate wealth and despair, punctuated all the while by an idiosyncratic sense of humour.

TRANSGRESSION, in a baroque world without taboo, filled with fantasy. Venusberg was the name given to the Palace of Venus in which nothing was forbidden. The group renders the goddess a sweeping homage.