"Chansons pour le temps qui reste" - Wouter Vandenabeele

Wouter Vandenabeele


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After 'Chansons sans paroles' ( nominated for the Klara-music prizes 2007) and 'chansons pour la fin d'un jour' (with Emre Gultekin en Ertan Tekin) there is now 'Chansons pour le temps qui reste', the third and last album from the chanson-trilogy of Wouter Vandenabeele. This time with the poet, film maker, composer and pianist from Liege, Erno Nossent, but just as well with the amazing cello player from Ghent Lode Vercampt and the young accordion player Sara Salverius, also from Ghent. Wouteer and his group bring instrumental 'chansons' that give dreamy impressions of past travels, encounters, ...whereby the violin quietly wanders, a bit like a fado singer, sometimes violently, sometimes dreamy. Music to enjoy in the evening before the complete sunset with a nice glass of red wine. Let your thoughts get carried away to a country or paradise where you may or may not have been. It does not matter. Hopefully there is some good wine in De Centrale that night...