"Riitti" - Hurja Halla

Hurja Halla
Front cover. Photo by Martin Åkesson
  • artist:Hurja Halla
  • region:Northern Europe
  • release year:2022
  • style(s):Folk, Contemporary
  • country:Finland
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Hurja Halla
  • label:released by artist
  • publisher:Hurja Halla
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Hurja Halla is a Finnish contemporary folk music duo playing personal new-composed folk music based on Nordic music tradition. Duo's music is inspired by the nature and mythology of the North. The mood of the tunes ranges from longing to fierce, trance-like beats.

Duo's music could be described as Nordic folk music with a twist of experimental touch. The twist comes from quite unusual combination of instruments: cello, jaw harp, overtone flute, harmonica and human voice. Hurja Halla’s music is inspired by Nordic nature. The debut album Riitti is dedicated to all forests.

Cellist-singer Liisa Haapanen is one of the few Finnish folk cellists. In addition to Hurja Halla, Haapanen performs as a soloist and in Maria Milvus. Multi-instrumentalist Janne Ojajärvi is specialized in traditional wind instruments like overtone flutes, jaw harps and harmonicas. Ojajärvi also performs as a soloist, as well as in the bands Ojajärvi Blom Ojajärvi and Trio Beoir.


1. Hurja Halla
2. Kuura
3. Rommi
4. Jäänala
5. Riitti
6. Mårranfest
7. Kuolinruno
8. Outro

Liisa Haapanen - cello, human voice, percussions
Janne Ojajärvi - harmonica, jaw harp, overtone flute, human voice, percussions

All songs composed by Hurja Halla
Publisher: Hurja Halla