Mawaca - Songs of the Forest

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Mawaca © Eduardo Vessoni


Ethos Produtora de Arte e Cultura

Genre Documentary | Production Company Ethos Produtora de Arte e Cultura (Brazil) | Executive Producer Magda Dourado Pucci | Associated Producer Petrobras Cultural | TV Director, Camera, Editor Eduardo Pimenta | Author Eduardo Pimenta, Magda Pucci | Source video/audio HD/Stereo | Recorded Brazil, 2011 | Duration 26' 07"

Songs of the Forest is a documentary about Mawaca's tour through Amazonia. In August, 2011, the musicians of Mawaca met and made music with six different indigenous peoples: Paiter Suruí, Karitiana and Ikolen Gavião from Rondônia; Kambeba and Comunidade Bayaroá from Amazonas and Kaxinawa-Huni-Kuin from Acre. One day, they would have workshops, playing and singing together and, on the following day, they would perform together, on the same stage. A real musical gathering! Mawaca is a Brazilian group known for the interesting research and recreation of music from all over the world. Mawaca singers perform in fifteen languages.
During its 15-year-career, Mawaca has produced six albums and a DVD. The newest album - “Rupestres Sonoros” presents indigenous songs from different regions of Amazonia. The album reached the Top 5 of the World Music Charts Europe in August 2009 and revealed an “inner” Brazil that is undiscovered to most people. Always directed and produced by Magda Pucci, Mawaca has developed a solid career, even with no support of the mainstream music industry. The band relies on sold out concerts and a faithful following in Brazil.
Its main distinctive characteristic is the cultural plurality always instigating the audience to the dialogue between antique and modern, west and east. Their repertoire consists of new versions of songs from different traditions such as the Japanese and the African, from countries and regions as far from each other as Finland and Mexico and the Iberian Peninsula, but always establishing connections with elements of Brazilian music. Mawaca surprises all of us, both Brazilians and foreigners, for never before has an all Brazilian band been able to show the diversity of music from all over the globe with such flexibility and creativity.