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Soundbreaker © Kimmo Koskela


Koskela Art & Media House

Genre Documentary | Production Company Koskela Art & Media House (Finland) | Co-Production Company YLE TV2 (Finland), SVT (Sweden) | Associated Production Company Heikki Savolainen-HSS Productions (Finland), Gernot Steinweg (Germany) | Producer Kimmo Koskela, Klaus Heydemann | TV Director, Camera, Author Kimmo Koskela | Editor Kimmo Koskela, Jani Ahlstedt, Arne Eklund | Composer Kimmo Pohjonen | Source video/audio HD/Dolby surround 5.1| Recorded Finland, England, Belgium, Portugal, 2011 | Duration 85' 59"

Kimmo Pohjonen, Finland’s most vibrant and daring accordionist breaks the sound barrier in contemporary music film making. Extraordinary sounds of bellows, animals and machines come out of his instrument. Adding his own voice and string instruments, he bridges the gap between experimental, rock, folk and classic genres. The film is a journey of an exceptional artist grounded in basic human truths. Cinematography and drama reveal a distinctive Scandinavian viewpoint.