Claudio Prima & Seme

Claudio Prima & Seme
Claudio Prima & Seme
Claudio Prima & Seme
Claudio Prima
  • country:Italy
  • region:Apulia
  • style(s):Folk, Classical Music
  • label:IPE IPE Music
  • type:Quintet
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, string
  • artist posted by:IPE IPE Music

Line up

  • Claudio Prima (accordion)
  • Cristian Musio (viola)
  • Marco Schiavone (cello)
  • Paola Barone (violin)
  • Vera Andrea Longo (violin)


An original ensemble to explore and elaborate the perspective of music as an instrument of investigation and put in dialogue the accordion, one of the principal instruments of the Italian tradition, with the chamber music formation par excellence, the string quartet. Original compositions create an intense and exciting repertoire, which goes into the territories of modernity and stylistic hybridization between classical, folk and contemporary music.
Following the relationship between traditional and classical music, which inspired authors such as Liszt, Ligèty, Bartòk and Stravinskij in the 900, giving life to compositions that have gone down in history (the Hungarian Rhapsody and the Fantasy on popular themes by Liszt or the Romanian and Hungarians Dances by Bartòk), the ensemble's repertoire traces an ideal route between the traditions of Southern Europe and the classical world, with a wise writing that preserves the instinct and passion of the popular style in which the strings support the accordion in the creation of a rich and complex musical environment, which thoroughly investigates the expressive possibilities of traditional music, in its continuous flow and dialogue with modernity.
A project that rewrites the soundtrack of the place where Italy and the Balkans are reflected in the same root, the Adriatic Sea, to tell two lands that look at each other from their shores, looking out into the same sea with the accordion in the center, bellows that continually approach and move away just like the rhythm of the waves.

Claudio Prima & Seme was born in 2017 and performed numerous concerts and a soundtrack for the documentary by Gianni De Blasi "I tell you about the sea". In 2021 the ensemble released Enjoy, the first album, and produced also a new visual performance, Moon fragment, with the collaboration of Paola Prestini and co-produced by National Sawdust in New York. In Sempember 2021 was selected to showcase at Medimex 2021 in Taranto.

The project is conceived and directed by Claudio Prima, accordionist, singer and composer, leader and creator of numerous investigative ensembles on "border music" (BandAdriatica, Adria, La Repetitiòn / Orchestra senza confine, Tukrè, Manigold) and performed in international festivals and reviews all over the world. Since 2010 he has been the soloist of the contemporary opera Oceanic Verses by Paola Prestini (concerts in Washington, New York and London with the BBC Simphony Orchestra). He also directs the “Young Orchestra of Salento (composed of 45 young musicians from Salento), he was assistant to Goran Bregovic and Giovanni Sollima for the Notte della Taranta. He has written music for several theater performances for Mario Perrotta, Marcelo Bulgarelli and Camilla Cuparo.

“We are presenting a project that merges classical music with traditional music, the diatonic accordion that is a witness of ancient traditional music for the mediterranean sea, that has a strong connotation made of sounds that come from ancient time, meets the quartet, probably one of the most challenging ensemble and instrument for a composer, classical and modern composer. So, this combination made us to reach a new way, to reach a common point between two different styles and drove us towards new lines, new ideas, new suggestions for the music we have composed. It’s a music that crosses time, that crosses genres and styles, that crosses the cultural boundaries. It’s a music that pitch this possible ways - that only art can create - into new and seductive perspectives”. Claudio Prima