Black String

Line up

  • Aram Lee (daegeum, yanggeum, danso)
  • Jean Oh (guitar, electronics)
  • Min Wang Hwang (vocals, janggu, percussion)
  • Yoon Jeong Heo (geomungo)


Eerie, taut, ambient layers evolve into ever more insistent pulses struck with deep percussive tones, intensifying into compelling rhythmic structures where urban electricity meets pastoral space. Black String operate in a borderless zone between Korean traditional music and contemporary jazz, exploring the improvisatory elements of both genres to find new sounds and ways of expression. Leader Yoon-Jeong Heo has done much to spread international awareness of the art of the large Korean six-string zither known as geomungo, particularly within a modern, experimental setting, through her work with her Tori Ensemble project and collaborations with German composer Stephan Micus and classical orchestras. In Black String, she joins forces with electric jazz guitarist Jean Oh, daegeum (bamboo flute) player, Aram Lee and janggu player Min Wang Hwang, creating dynamic harmonic collisions of modes and rhythms at the east-west intersection.