www.joycom.at offers a "connection-stall" 4 free

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You always wanted to get connected to the spiritual energy that created you and all living things or beings on earth? There is a power that exists and can be felt as a cool breeze on your hands and above your head, once you are connected to it. The source is felt easily, once it rises in your spine and emanates from your Fontanelle bone area, a bone that was open and pulsating as a child. Written in all ancient scriptures and described by many, it can be easy felt by an exercise that we provide for free @ all festivals in 94 countries.
You can book a stall or a "connection kick off" from stage under www.joycom.at or connect with the person in charge on WOMEX in Spain 2023. Get connected !

article posted by:Natascha Rubia, Joy communications