Fille du Feu & Fils du Vent

Fille du Feu & Fils du Vent


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  • country:France
  • region:Mediterranean
  • style(s):Jazz Manouche, Swing
  • label:KaRu Prod
  • type:Quartet
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal, string, singer songwriter, jazz combo, unplugged, guitar
  • artist posted by:KaRu Prod

Line up

  • Claudius Dupont (double bass)
  • Leila Duclos (guitar and voice)
  • Rudy Rabuffetti (guitar)
  • Steeve Laffont (guitar lead)


The Daughter of Fire and the Son of Wind

“the new breath of gypsy jazz”

The Daughter of Fire meets the Son of Wind The new lease of life in gypsy jazz. After “Fille du feu”, an album labeled “Révélation Jazz”, the young guitarist and singer Leila Duclos naturally continues her journey accompanied by the Son of the Wind, guitarist Steeve Laffont. Two generations are brought together here for a unique musical story. This marriage, as natural as it is unexpected, between these two magnificent artists delivers fresh, spontaneous music, full of life and twists and turns where the imprint of master Django is never far away. With this combination, the world of gypsy jazz takes on a new dimension at the crossroads of song, improvisation and swing. If, on an etymological level, the word “manouche” means “human” in Sanskrit, it suddenly takes on a universal scope where Man is written with a capital H like the Music proposed by Leïla Duclos and Steeve Laffont. Here, the breath of the south wind fuels this musical fire to generate lyrical flights, inspired musical phrases served by a relentless groove. We like to gather around this fire to hear the guitars provoke each other, confront each other in an avalanche of melodies, each more inspiring than the other, where the voice punctuates the story with a delicate and swift scat at the same time. . This show is an invitation to take a seat at the big table of gypsy culture for a journey that has only just begun…