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Watcha Clan are among the most fascinating and auspicious Fusion/Crossover bands at the moment. On stage, instrumented with two guitars, an upright bass, harmonium, keyboards, sampler, transverse flute and voice, they create a spectacle between Drum'n'Bass, Jungle, Oriental, Hip Hop, Dub and Reggae/Ragga beyond comparison. And all this with only 4 musicians
Watcha Clan are a musical flirt, no, an "amour fou" that takes you on a journey from the London Dancefloors to Mediterranean shores, from the balkan mountains to traditionals from southern france, from Europe to North Africa, from roots to revolution. They rock and sample, Soupa Ju raps and toastes and Sista Ka's incredibly clear and concise voice leads the audience through vibrant beats and arabian harmonies, only to grab the guitar a second later and sing a sweet-as-can-be Reggae tune.
After having sold 20.000 copies of their first selfmade album (Nomades A.K.A, 2002), Watcha Clan took some studio time and in 2005 released their album "Le Bastion" (VaW La Bott, 2005), for which they gained enthusiastic critics all over. Things were going well for the Clan, they toured internationally and their albums were highly rated both by audience and critics. But there was that restlessness inside the musicians, knowing that there was so much more to explore in World Music and that there would have to be a way of letting out all that energy they felt inside. And so the Clan left the cosy path of playing festive World Music and gave in to their passion for electronic music. In 2006, Watcha Clan 2006 presented their new project "Diaspora Hi-Fi", with which they succeeded to combine the incompatible: phat electronic club beats with deeply traditional sounds from all over the world. It worked out, and they started working with international artists from all over, as e.g. just shortly in Algeria and in Spain, jamming together for a few days and presenting their results on stages throughout the country afterwards.
With their new sound , Watcha Clan found themselves, they are right where they want to be, this is easy to hear and to feel on the 2008 album "Diaspora Hifi" (which was followed by Diaspora Remixed in 2009, including remixes by artists like Transglobal Underground or Dunkelbunt among many others) as well as live across Europe and the United States. A celebration of life and music to which everybody is invited. Let's explore all musical borderlines and of course cross them