NAAB, called the Electro Berber when his sound noticed first
album "Salam Haleikoum" released (in France in February 2002
and in twelve other countries since), is coming back to us in
2006 with a second evocative name album: "Democrisis".

The democracy is in crisis! It’s time to say it! According to Naab,
it is attacked from everywhere: politics vote laws from another
age on positivism colonialism to work the history as they want it,
censure is omnipresent, politically correct language underlies
the discussions, religion makes its return, moral is again a way
of fashion, governments draw up the people the ones against
the others in the name of great ideas, although everyone knows
that in truth only financial interests justify these new wars. The
list of the liberticide laws lengthen and people are not listened
any more when they go down in the street to refuse them.

"Democrisis" is the title of the album. It is the expression of the
malaise of the people. It is a musical proclamation, a push
towards the surface of water to take again its breath, a reflex of
survival, an essential gesture for the heart.

Listening to "Democrisis", the voice of Emma Louise Yohanan,
a young American artist living between Brooklyn (NYC) and
Chicago, comes to support the hypnotic music of Naab.

On «Salam Tour», made to support his first album, Naab was
on stage with 6 others musicians to propose a great show. They
played successfully in France, Spain, Enland, Germany, Norway,
Netherlands, Belgium and in Australia and Palestinia too.

On the «Democrisis Tour», Naab will be on stage with members
of his crew, depending of availabalities of each member and
opportunities of each gig. So, don’t be surprised to see him
under sound-system version and another time, with 4