Suo picture 1, photographer Vilma Hurskainen
Suo picture 2, photographer Vilma Hurskainen
Suo picture 3
Suo picture 4 photo by Mats Vuorenjuuri


The Wellamo, the Goddess of the Sea
  • 1 Wellamo
  • 2 Kyytolainen
  • 3 Kuutar
  • 4 Kintereillä
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Suo released it's first music video The Sea Drives my Mind by Petteri Saario (Wildfin)
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  • country:Finland
  • region:Scandinavia
  • style(s):Acoustic, Tradimodern
  • label:Texicalli Records Oy
  • type:Band, Trio
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Lajunen, Emilia

Line up

  • Emilia Lajunen (5-string fiddle, nyckelharpa, voice)
  • Roope Aarnio (guitar, voice)
  • Veera Voima (voice, flutes, percussion)


Suo are trio whose repertoire consists of songs: traditional lyrics about death, hunting, playing, and also love. The singing is freely flowing, with one to three voices contributing, transporting the listener to distant times and places. The soundscape on their third album Maan unia, puun unia (Texicalli 2011) is carefully considered and beautifully finished.

With voice, violin and guitar, Suo conjure forth lovely melodies, intriguing rhythms and a wide range of moods from nature magic to children's games. Vocalist Veera Voima (Suden aika) has a lovely voice capable of highly nuanced interpretations; Roope Aarnio (Johanna Juhola trio) plays guitar and mandolin; and Emilia Lajunen (Spontaani Vire) is a capable violinist who is equally adept at improvised solos and disciplined accompaniment.

Manager is Minna-Mari Roms
(, +358 50 4135013)

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