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Line up

  • Alberto "El zurdo" Palacio (Guitar & Keyboard)
  • Alex Herrera (Drums)
  • Donaldo Barrios (Bass)
  • Gonzalo Prieto (Vocals)
  • Moises Vargas (Bass)


Colectro is a Colombian-native band, founder of a brand new musical concept and genre titled: "COLETERA". COLETERA music incorporates multiple influences from the Colombian Caribbean such as, "Son de Garabato", "Bullerengue", "Son de Negro", "Jalao" and "Chalupa". Mixing all this styles and fusing them with electronic and "Soukous" makes COLETERA an explosive audio experience filled with emotional goodness for your ears.
2 basses, 1 electric guitar, 1 keyboard, percussion, drums, and a singer are part of this musical ensemble. Thanks to the contributions from all the "Barranquilleros" and their excellent proposition from day one.
Colectro has been able to be a major key player in several festivals and events. In the year 2015 official sponsor Ibanez Bass included Moises Vargas and Donaldo Barrios, both bassist from Colectro, into his team because of their overall outstanding performance and success within the band.
TAMA Drums (sponsors of Stewart Copeland of The Police and Metallica's Lars Ulrich) and Soultone Cymbals include Alex Herrera (drummer Colectro) in his list of important exponents and drummers worldwide.
Gonzalo Prieto (vocals), Alex Herrera (drums), Moises Vargas (Bass), Donaldo Barrios (Bass), Alberto "El Zurdo" Palacio (guitar and keyboards) are the members of this amazing band.
Colectro is "palenque", rock, electronic, "Son de negro", "Garabato", "Tambora" and "Bullerengue". Colectro is sea, land and flavor. Barranquilla for the whole world!