Mr. Bobcat

Mr. Bobcat (a.k.a. Rasta Kishuca), began his career as a Reggae vocal performer in 2001 presenting an highly appreciated tribute to Robert Nesta Marley on many stages all around Italy, and continued in 2007 with a new live Classic Reggae show made into a Dub Style.

From 2009 to 2012 Mr. Bobcat participated in various projects such as “Jamafrica Project”, a live dj-set with musicians such as: Bunna (Africa Unite), Vito Miccolis (Mau Mau) and Carlos Caldero (Buena Vista Social Club); “Vibes Agwan” dj-set, with the vocal participation of Bunna and DJ Vale; a collaboration with Skaya in Jamaica for the production of his own original tracks; and a featuring for the Italian afro-beat band “Mamud Band”for their second studio album “Afro Future Funk”.

From 2012 to 2014 Mr. Bobcat brought on stage the project “Mr. Bobcat & The Youth”, a mixed repertoire of Classic Reggae Roots covers and original tracks. On September 2014 he gave life to the live project "Mr. Bobcat & The Graba Farmer", with which he brought on stage the EP “Magic Wooden Box”, shortly afterwards released. During the spring of 2015 Mr. Bobcat was on tour in Tanzania, where he participated, among others, to the International Jazz Day and the Bob Marley Memorial Festival in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Nowadays Mr. Bobcat is involved into many collaboration with Italian and International musicians, among others: Tweneboa (Italy), Jahcoustix (Germany), Tomy Mañana Fernandez (from Mediterranean Roots, Spain), Momar Gaye (Senegal) and Ras Ndaro (Kenya); he performs live and he is working hard on his next recordings.