Elom 20ce
Elom 20ce
  • country:Togo
  • style(s):Hip Hop, Rap
  • label:Le Rêve Africain / The African Dream
  • type:Band, Duo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter
  • artist posted by:Le Rêve Africain (The African Dream)

Line up

  • Alexis Hountondji (Drum)
  • Elom 20ce (Lead vocal)
  • Nathalie Ahadji (Sax)
  • Vincent Trochet (Guitar bass)


Elom 20ce is a thinker, pan-Africanist activist, poet, rapper, performer, designer and filmmaker. An African of Togolese origin, Elom 20ce defines himself as a " Hitter of the invisible". An activist from his earliest lyrics, his albums feature hard-hitting, jerky flowing tracks oozing with jazzy notes and traditional Afro rhythms that put one in a "state of consciousness". Elom 20ce is the spirit behind the clothing brand Asrafobawu, the label Asrafo Records and the concept Arctivism.

In 2010, Elom 20ce releases his 1st maxi called “Légitime Défense”. He is skilled in the use of words, like a bitter and lucid poet. His first album “Analgézik” is released in 2012 and his last album “Indigo” in 2015, with the special participation of Blitz the Ambassador, Oxmo Puccino, Pépé Oléka, Le Bavar… And in 2020 Elom 20ce releases « Amewuga » which means « The human being is more valuable than mate-rial goods ». An album quickly ranked by RFI among the ten best albums in Africa. A new opus accompanied by documentary clips and a photo exhibition which beautifully complete his commitments.

Documentaries: • 2021 - The Memory of Blood (26 min) • 2021 The Burden of my Light (5 min) • 2020 Silence is a Cry (26 min) • 2020 Amewuga (6 min) • 2020 Questioning Fists (5 min) • 2019 To the Impossible Imminent (78 min) Clips - Fictions

Location: Lomé (Togo).