• country:Nigeria
  • style(s):Electro, Urban
  • label:Le Rêve Africain / The African Dream
  • type:Band, Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter
  • artist posted by:Le Rêve Africain (The African Dream)

Line up

  • O.B.A. (Lead vocal)


Olatunde Obajeun, also called OBA, is an artist born and based in Nigeria. Lead vocal and guitarist, Filmmaker, editor, sound engineer, and also producer, his multidisciplinary skills are his trademark.

OBA’s life changed in 1997, the day when OBA met with Mr Lemmy Jackson, one of the biggest music producers in Nigeria at that time.. He then decided to go to a sound engineering school, then proved himself at the Multi Concept studio before creating his first studio in Lagos. His move towards stage craft became obvious as OBA collaborated with various artists, such as Keziah Jones and Qudus. In 2010, OBA created his music band and produced his first album called "Executive Gangsters" in 2013, following by the second, called "The known stranger" in 2019. His work is influenced by Afro urban music heavily based on electric guitar.

OBA continues to explore different ways of performing. He also offers a show called "Silent Noise" which explores another form of music that sounds like story telling and and could also be used as meditation, combining sound and image. Then, in 2018, with his friend Qudus Onikeku, they resear-ched for over two years to present a musical called "Re:Incarnation" including OBA as the musical composer. A unique performance at the heart of the atmosphere, energy and creativity in Nigeria, of the roots of the Yoruba philosophy. Headliner of the “Biennale de la Danse” (France) in 2021, the musical has garnered huge success in the most prestigious venues in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Togo, Nigeria and Ghana.

Location: Lagos (Nigeria)