New TIDE Orquesta (former New Tango Orquesta)

New Tide Orquesta live

Yes, it's true. After 16 years, five albums, one book and countless tours around the world, we've finally decided to change our name from NEW TANGO ORQUESTA to NEW TIDE ORQUESTA. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but during our last recording session in june, we decided to release our sixth album in the new name. We're so excited about it and promise we're about to take our music to a new dimension.

Some more great news:

- 24 OCTOBER: CD-RELEASE – We're releasing our sixth album "How To Climb A Mountain"!!! Welcome to book tours for 2013/14 now!

- SOUNDTRACK 1: SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN – One can hear the music of NTO in this great film. It have already won the special jury prize AND the audience award on Sundance, the audience award at the Los Angeles film festival, the audience award at the Durban International festival and the Grand Jury prize at the Moscow international film festival!
"We're so honoured to be part of it!" – NTO

- SOUNDTRACK 2: FUTURE MY LOVE – This is a poetic road trip through the financial collapse, exploring a radically different economic and social model proposed by 95-year-old futurist Jacque Fresco. One can hear a lot of NTO-music in this documentary.
"It's a fantastic film and we're so honoured to be part of it!" – NTO

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