Cara de Espelho


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"Cara de Espelho" is the result of the meeting of some of the names that have marked
Portuguese music in recent years: Deolinda, Ornatos Violeta, Gaiteiros de Lisboa,
A Naifa, Humanos, among others.
The starting point is the words and compositions of Pedro da Silva Martins (author
and composer of Deolinda, Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Lena d ́Água), to which are
associated the instrument constructions and arrangements of Carlos Guerreiro
(Gaiteiros de Lisboa, José Afonso, Fausto, GAC), the bass of Nuno Prata (Ornatos
Violeta), the guitars of Luís J Martins (Deolinda, António Zambujo, Cristina Branco)
and the percussions of Sérgio Nascimento (Sérgio Godinho, David Fonseca,
Humanos, Deolinda) to serve the unmistakable voice of Maria Antónia Mendes (A
Naifa, Señoritas).
This new band offers a universe of songs with a unique sound, with a social and
urban focus, where you can feel the provocation and sharp criticism of the intervention
song, the presence of popular and traditional Portuguese music and the inspiration
of our great singers.
"the Cara de Espelho (Mirror Face)
so baptized
brings the defects of others
This is the motto of one of the songs, which sums up the whole concept of the band:
each song reflects virtues or defects, weaknesses, small or great powers, tics, vices,
what it means to be a citizen or, in the broadest sense, what it means to be human.