Cristina Branco dazzles Belgium and the Netherlands

As she celebrates 25 years of her career, Cristina Branco continues to dazzle venues across Europe and establishes herself as one of the great ambassadors of Portuguese culture in the world.

2022 has been a prolific year for Cristina Branco. The singer has taken the stories of ‘Eva’, her most recent album, to numerous stages in Portugal and abroad: during the last three weeks, accompanied by the musicians Bernardo Moreira (double-bass), Bernardo Couto (Portuguese guitar) and Luís Figueiredo (piano), Cristina Branco played in 17 cities in Belgium and the Netherlands, on an extensive and widely acclaimed tour.

The singer will continue on the road throughout the summer and the second half of 2022, with new dates in Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Italy (Nora Jazz Festival, 11th Aug). Cristina’s complete tour agenda can be consulted at

At the beginning of May, Cristina Branco released ‘Amoras numa Tarde de Outono’, a new album in duo with the pianist João Paulo Esteves da Silva which registers, like a photographic document, the work that the duo has been doing on stage in the last 20 years. Its’ 14 songs were performed in their original formation – the piano recital and voice – and can be heard on all digital platforms.

article posted by:Paulo Sousa Martins, Locomotiva Azul