Luca Argel releases a new EP with versions for 'Gêmeos'

Luca Argel © Kristallenia Batziou


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In a variation of the original song "Gêmeos," included in the latest album "Sabina," released in February this year, Luca Argel now presents, in this EP, two alternative versions of the song, and one is the complete opposite of the other. They are so opposite that they touch each other from the inside out: neither one uses instruments. At least not in the most common sense of the word.

The first one was entirely produced with electronic sounds. And the second one, only with sounds from the body. Connecting everything, from start to finish, is the voice. I mean: the voices. Many voices. After all, within each of us, we are multiple. None of us is just one.

article posted by:Ana Paulo, Locomotiva Azul