New Album! Cristina Branco releases 'Mãe' on September 22nd

'Mãe' Album Cover
Cristina Branco

Prepare to be captivated as renowned artist Cristina Branco announces the long-awaited title and mesmerizing cover art of her upcoming 18th studio album, "Mãe" ("Mother"). With an unwavering passion for traditional fado, Cristina Branco delivers a poignant homage to this emblematic musical genre deeply ingrained in Portuguese culture. Mark your calendars for the album's release on September 22nd.

"Mãe" represents a breathtaking musical masterpiece, where Cristina Branco lends her distinctive and expressive voice to a diverse array of renowned composers, as is her artistic tradition. This extraordinary album invites audiences on an immersive journey of rediscovery and reinvention of fado, delving into its profound emotional depths and delicate nuances.

Behind the creation of "Mãe," Cristina Branco collaborated with a talented trio of musicians who have been her steadfast companions on both records and stages throughout the years. The exceptional artistry of Bernardo Couto on the Portuguese guitar, the mastery of Luís Figueiredo on the piano, and the enchanting sounds of Bernardo Moreira on the double bass breathe life into this musical gem, crafting a rich and immersive sonic experience.

As the release of "Mãe" draws near, anticipation builds for Cristina Branco's latest offering. This eagerly awaited album promises to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of music lovers, redefining the boundaries of fado while honoring its time-honored roots. Prepare to be spellbound by Cristina Branco's evocative vocals and the soul-stirring melodies that permeate "Mãe."

article posted by:Paulo Sousa Martins, Locomotiva Azul