AFER the latest album by guitarist Alex D'Alessandro at WOMEX 2021



The latest album by ALEX D'ALESSANDRO
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On October 29th, AFER the latest album by guitarist Alex D'Alessandro will be presented at WOMEX 2021 which this year will take place in Porto in Portugal.

Alex D'Alessandro is a composer, flamenco guitarist and music producer. His latest Album is "Afar": a musical journey through Mediterranean sea; a magic connection between India, Turkey and Andalucia.

This new album is also an exhortation to live life letting go of the fears that have troubled the entire human family in recent years.

ALEX D'ALESSANDRO is the initiator of a musical current that has been called Digital Flamenco by critics, a sub-genre in the field of global music that seeks to blend the ancient soul of flamenco with the digital sounds of our days.

In AFER in addition to this mixture of sounds that characterizes the music of ALEX D'ALESSANDRO we can perceive echoes that make us travel on that route of the gypsies who from India across the Mediterranean Sea arrived in Andalucia.

An album that wants to be a journey into the sonorous colors of this incredible crossing between cultures, lands and flavors that evoke deep emotions that taste of sun-scorched lands and bathed by the sea.

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