KT Gorique
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photo: jeremie_carron
  • country:Switzerland
  • style(s):Rap, Reggae
  • label:Creepy Music
  • type:Solo
  • gender:female
  • artist posted by:Malavidamusic

Line up

  • dancer / backing vocals
  • DJ
  • drummer
  • KT Gorique


KT Gorique juggles with words like other people with beanbags, playing with their meanings and definitions with an incredible easiness. She combines the strong attitude and presence of Keny Arkana with the flow of Missy Elliot and Queen Latifah. She takes her audience on a journey from hip hop to dancehall to reggae.

Born in Ivory Coast in 1991, her father Italian and her mother Ivorian, KT spent most of her childhood in Abidjan. Influenced by African music and Gospel, she starts singing and writing poems at the early age of 8. With her arrival in Switzerland three years later, she quickly gets inspired by the very present hip hop culture. Inspired by hip-hop rhythms, she first starts to dance, few years later K.T starts to express her writings on rap instrumentals and ends up, with just 21 years, as the ‘World Champion’ of the ”End of the Weak’ battle in New York City. The first and youngest woman to obtain this title in the EOW history. For her role in ‘BROOKLYN’, a hip hop movie about a girl who leaves Switzerland to go to Paris to realize her dream she won the price for the best interpretation at the Milan Film Festival (2016) and the price for the best actrice at the Hip Hop Film Festival in New York in 2017. Not to forget the Swiss Music Award she gots in 2019.
Because of her wide range of talents she got the nickname “Couteau-Suisse” (Swiss Army Knife).

In 2016 KT Gorique released her first album Tentative de survie followed by ORA Mixtape in 2017, Kunta Kita in 2018 and Akwaba in 2020 and has ever since been present in the festival scene, playing shows from Paleo Festival to Fusion Festival and was opener for Nicki Minaj.