"Home sweet home" - Moussu T e lei Jovents

Moussu T e lei Jovents
Home sweet home


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This new album follows in the wake of the previous ones (Mademoiselle Marseille and Forever Polida), but offers new and deeper perspectives. It remains centred round the same musical worlds, still exploring the affinities (or the opposite, putting them face to face), of Black American music from the early 20th century, Marseille light opera and Brazilian rhythms.

Ever since their first album, this musical universe contains songs that reflect the reality of Moussu T e lei Jovents’ daily life. A repertoire that‘s been invented and reinvented, making fun of a current world where tradition and research are but the tools and guides of the desire to have a function in the here and now. A repertoire on the struggle for an open-ended, multi-faceted planet where each inhabitant can help shape a world of real dialogue by expressing his personal universe. A repertoire where the nearby counts as well as the global in this case, it’s Occitan and French, ranging from timeless songs inspired by tradition, to the most personal works born of an intimacy so shared, it’s part of the group’s universe. A repertoire whose local nature is ultimately the best platform to universality.

All this has led Moussu T e lei Jovents to devote themselves to a favourite blues theme this time round home sweet home. Home sweet home : love songs for the home, songs of exiles nostalgic for their homeland, songs of revolt against the alienation and destruction of the familiar world. All these aspects are featured on this new album by Moussu T e lei Jovents. Their home sweet home is multi-coloured and multi-cultural, just like their city, Marseille, and La Ciotat. Their home sweet home is the smell of fish on the port, the washing hanging out of the window, drinking a pastis with friends and children's laughter in the street, just as it’s also the Provençal language, popular songs, the flavours of its cuisine. It’s their own home too, with the little one lying on the sofa, and the moments of rest when the harshness of daily life is softened by the beauty of the coastline. Once again Moussu T e lei Jovents want to show that this interest in everything close at hand is the one condition that will open them up in the truest sense of the word to others. For it’s in the home sweet home that one’s personal vision of the world is forged, a vital part of the rich conversation of the globe.

The line-up for this new album is once again Moussu T, alias Tatou, vocals, Blu on guitar or banjo (these two are also members of Massilia Sound System), Jamilson da Silva on Brazilian percussion and Frédéric Zerbino on drums.