"Mademoiselle Marseille" - Moussu T e lei Jovents

Moussu T e lei Jovents
Mademoiselle Marseille


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Between occitan tradition and black music, Moussu T e lei Jovents invent the song of Marseilles anew to spread the message of Provence, a harbour turned towards the sea, cosmopolitan and proud of it’s history. Moussu T e lei Jovents consist of the founder of Massilia Sound System (Tatou) together with its guitarist (Blu) and a famous Brazilian percussionist (Jam). The group takes its inspiration from Marseille in the thirties, a veritable musical melting pot, where Provençal songs could be heard alongside local operettas by Vincent Scotto or the black music bursting onto the scene at the time (i.e. blues and jazz, with music from the West Indies and Brazil too). This provides the background for the group's new, up-to-the minute songs, sea and harbours shanties that reek of the briny air, shipyard cranes and rocky inlets. A new repertoire to match the coastline of this part of the world, from Marseille or La Ciotat, a true blend of old and new, local and universal, full of nostalgia and foot-tapping rhythms !