Wassim Odeh
Wassim Odeh
  • country:Palestine
  • region:Mediterranean
  • style(s):Arabic Classical
  • label:not signed
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Maqamat School of Eastern Music

Line up

  • Wassim Odeh (Oud)


Wassim Odeh is a Palestinian Oud virtuoso and composer. His new concert is based of his third new album Moshaghabeh.

Odeh has received international prizes for performance and composition and has collaborated with important artists such as Simon Shaheen, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, the London Symphony and Radiohead. Odeh will present his new compositions with his new quintet of top-ranking musicians. Odeh’s works are inspired by the Arabic musical heritage that has a unique maqam and rhythm system, and by the musician’s ability to improvise and make his own stylized musical statement.